After Your IVA IS

Will I Be Able To Get Credit?

Absolutely, yes. Before your IVA your credit file may have shown maxed out credit cards defaulted on. But these credit accounts have no been closed and will be marked "Satisfied in ful"

How long after an IVA can I get credit?

Once your IVA has been completed your IP will notify credit agencies it has been completed and it will be removed from your file, once this has happened you will be in the same position before you got into debt.

How long does an IVA stay on my credit file/credit report after completion?

IVA’s stay on credit file for the period of the agreement (usually 5 years). Once completed an application will be made for it to be removed. So your IVA or any past debts will be removed.

Can I get car finance after an IVA?

Providing you look after your fresh new credit file you will have no problem in obtaining car finance, once your IVA is completed we will be in touch with you to discuss any credit you are looking to obtain and we will ensure we find you an easily affordable solution.

Can I get a mortgage/remortgage after an IVA?

Yes, providing you have kept your credit file in good order and you can afford the mortgage payments you can obtain one.

This is something we will discuss once your IVA is completed.

Check your credit record

It's going to important to keep checking your credit report, services like clearscore provide this for free.