Debt Trap

Whether we choose to admit it or not Britain is caught in a debt trap and be it Mentally or physically casualties of this trap are becoming more and more common.

Collectively Brits are in debt to the sum of £239 Billion which is a substantial sum and that figure is set to keep rising leaving 1 in 6 people spending 25% of their income on debts.

When such a large percentage of income is spent that way it's inevitable that other life situations will arise leading to payments missed, this in turns means more borrowing; the trap.

We are existing within a system in which lenders profit and everybody else is left to pick up the pieces, for example, more pressure on the NHS and local services due to increased casualties of debt which in turn lead to increased taxation and inevitability more debt.

You may be here looking for help in how to get out this situation, remember this is not your fault, you are simply caught up in the same trap that 1 in 6 people are.